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You are here: Board index Community Creative Juice CafeTRADING POST RULES: READ THIS BEFORE TRADING! Share your artworks, graphics, and creative writings here!

Moderator: graveLynE


Postby Falcon on Thu Jan 03, 2008 5:56 am

TRADING POST RULES / How to Make A Trade / FAQs

A topic will either be locked or deleted if the following rules are violated. See Global Forum Rules for information on warnings and bannings.

The term TRADING will be defined as any sort of buying, selling, and trading of any item related to Rakion.


  1. We, the staff at Rakion.biz, are NOT responsible for any scamming that may result via the use of this forum. We are also not liable for any bannings that may result from trading Rakion accounts.
  2. You need at least 12 posts to participate in the Marketplace forums (excluding Buyer Beware and The Economy).
  3. Trade only ONE item per thread. For example, if you have a bunch of warrior items to sell, they must be sold separately. Two exceptions:

    You can sell multiple items together if they are related (i.e. Frozen Red set) in the Full Sets forum.

    You may list all your items in a single thread in the Player Shops forum.
  4. Search before you post. If you are going to post, make sure no one else is selling the item you wish to buy, or vice versa. Duplicate threads will not be tolerated.
  5. Give feedback after all trades! Learn more
  6. As with the other forums, do NOT go off-topic. We will NOT accept comments like 'This deal is really good/bad.'
  7. Scammed? Post about this ONLY in the Buyer Beware forum. Do NOT private message the Rakion.biz team.
  8. Lock threads after all trades. This lets people know that the trade is complete. Learn more. Completed trade threads may be moved to the Archived Trades forum by a Rakion.biz team member.
  9. All users engaging in trading, buying, and selling are required to list an accurate in-game name with their rakion.biz account. Learn more
  10. Follow our trading guidelines! See How To Make A Trade below.
  11. Wish to auction your items? Please read the auction rules.

How to Make A Trade

  1. Find the right section to trade in. Unsure? Ask for help in the Feedback forum.
  2. Tags MUST be included in the title (except in the Player Shops forum). These include only the following:

    [Buy] - buying a Rakion item.
    [Sell] - selling a Rakion item
    [Auction] - selling a Rakion item to the highest bidder

  3. Be accurate. You must indicate the trade terms as clear as possible. These include: method of payment (i.e. PayPal), date of trade (i.e. Jan 3 at 5-7 EST), contact information (i.e. MSN, Rakion IGN), and the specific items to be exchanged. Scroll down for examples.
  4. Give feedback after the trade has been complete. Feedback instructions can be found here.
  5. Lock your own thread after trading. Instructions can be found here.

    Examples of trade threads:

    Title: [Buy] Damned Shoulders

    Post: Hi, I'm buying damned shoulders. I will trade you 20k Rakion gold and Acute shoulder. We can trade anytime tonight 6-9 EST. My Rakion IGN is Falcon.


    Title: [Auction] +12 Halloween Amulet

    Post: Hi, my Halloween Amulet is enchanted to +12! I will be auctioning off until Jan 5 at 3 EST. I am looking for Rakion CASH only.

    Starting bid: 10k cash
    Increments: 2k
    BIN (Buy it now): 75k

    Bid away!


If you have any further questions, post in the FEEDBACK forum.

Q. I do not understand some of the sub-forum headings. What is 'Approaching Weapon' and 'Basic Armor'?
A. We based these on their true item names from http://rakion.softnyx.net/Guide/Item.aspx. Visit that link for a detailed list of all Rakion items. For example:

Basic Armour = Body Armour
Approaching Weaponry = Main weapon (i.e. Sword, Bow)

Q. Where can I find stats for items?
A. http://rakion.softnyx.net/Guide/Item.aspx

Last updated 01.13.14

Removed the following rules (you can ignore this):

[list][*]There are two types of transactions: R2R and R2O.

R2R is trading Rakion items for Rakion items. This is highly recommended because the Rakion trade system is used.

R2O is trading Rakion items for non-Rakion items like chewing gum and baseball cards. We DO NOT recommend R2O transactions as this may result in scamming. Use at your own risk and refer to note 1.
Best regards,
Sir Falcon

Remember to view our Announcements often. [ Trading Post Rules + Free Rakion.biz images! ]
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